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Acquiring Investment Capital

The difficulty of acquiring individual project investment capital in the Manor River Union Region has been one of the failures of many projects and the growth of businesses in that region. Companies or individual contractors do not have access to loan from commercial banks in the region or cannot easily get connected with equity investors on the international investment market without the intervention of intermediary in their transaction.

Our tailored fit strategy for project contractors in the region to get financial agencies and other institutional investment organizations engage with the regional projects is the way to ease the high agency fees cost on acquiring investment capital in many projects that are not governmental oriented and could not obtain commercial banks loans in the region.


Multilateral & Sovereign Projects

Public-Private Partnership

Creating a better managerial standard of an operation into public owned institutions administration would be to collaborate with private institutions or equity investors to maintain a vibrant operating management system that will bring in growth and accountability into such institutions.

We work with Government-backed projects with government bonds or good credit rating records in the infrastructural development in our target market. Our focus is mostly in the development and construction of roads, bridges, public building, railways, regional and continental highways, water management, electricity management, schools and universities campuses constructions and many other working relationships that can be built between international infrastructural developers and regional authorities.

Project Fundraising


The viability of an economic growth is the empowerment of the private sectors. Our management which is one of the many gateways to enter the Mano River Union Region economy is specialized in projects in the private sectors. We raise fund and train financial employees to manage investment funds in their organizations. Read More

How We Do It and Why Us

We provide access to finance with all local projects and contractors in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast to grow their business ambition in the region. We are one of the outstanding West Africa Investment Consulting Firms based in Sweden, Europe

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Bankable Business Plan Writing

Bankable Business Plan Writing

We write a bankable business plan for domestic clients in the Mano River Union Countries. In the today business world to obtain an investment fund one needs to have their business idea presented in a crystal clear written plan to meet investment institutions or equity investors’ satisfaction.

Our experts in organizing your ideas and financial prediction into one professional package will assist you to organize your idea and even train your management team or financial employees how to manage and prepare a standard financial plan with all financial statements meeting the International financial standard.

We also just don’t write the plan and let you go without benefitting from your idea presented to us, we help you to raise funds for your projects or trading for which that idea is intended.