Status page

International Commodities Trading

One of the major setbacks in the success of many traders in the emerging markets is the connections between them and the international markets or consumers of their products. The demand and the supply chain in the international trade formulas are poor in some economies in that common coffee or banana traders in Liberia or Ivory Coast have little access to big consumers of their products and therefore, their chances of high production or yield on their products are poor.

We are working with highly liquidate institutions that can provide commodity trading capital for a trading transaction period of 12 months as a short-term payment trading platform for commodities traders with viable and ready to market products but have no means of exporting finances.

Organization management

Our experts help with the development of an organizational structure for startups in our target region. There are many entrepreneurs with the idea of starting ventures but with a little knowledge of structuring these ventures.

Our management consulting team experts provide management seminars courses and structure organization cultures for those entrepreneurs. We provide startups with the universal labor handbook that will guide the smooth operation of their ventures and teach them the tax and trading rules and regulations on the international market.

Forest Management & Logging

To help protect the world from its global warming and reduce the production of emission and for the sustainable use and development of forest resources is of high priority in our today global economy. Forest should be managed not only to cultivate the trees and farming products but to maintain it and replant its species in replacement of the cultivated ones.

We negotiate with investors for companies in the forest sustainable development projects, which are to manage communities’ forest that will create jobs and bring in development in any local community in our target market.

Real Estate Development

The world is getting smaller every day with what would be termed as globalization. Human migration across the globe has a very significant impact on big towns, cities, and municipalities. The dwelling places are among many human living factors that draw attention to our today globalization.

Real Estate development is gaining momentum in every country and region in the today human world. Our management helps with lobbying for investment capital for real estate developers and helps to train its management team to market or lease its properties.


The manufacturing industry is one of our focus industries in the region. We opt to work with companies that want to take up manufacturing and open up to merger or acquisition to enhance their management and production skills.

We lobby with investors for companies with a viable business model in the manufacturing industry with a profitable product to manufacture in the region for the global market.


The mining industry has more attractive sectors in the Mano River Union Region. It is so far one of the contributors to three major countries GDP, namely: Liberia, Sierra, and Guinea. The three named countries have the remain West Africa and Africa in general residual of mineral resources in Gold, Diamond, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Oil & Gas, etc.

We connect miners with investors and refineries around the world. Our experts in the mining sectors provide geological advice and recommend to investors in the area of mining profitability in our target market.

We lobby with multinational companies in the mining industry for merger & acquisition with companies targeting our target region that are in need of growth and want to expand their production.



The agriculture industry is one of the key industries in any country or regional economic development. Products in the agriculture industry contribute immensely to any regional GDP and help to substitute huge importation of consumable agriculture processed goods.

The main sectors in which our management raise funds or connect with the world investment market are:

  • Industrial Rice Farming
  • Vegetable and Fruits plantations
  • Fishery
  • Poultries and Piggeries Farming

Acquiring Investment Capital

The difficulty of acquiring individual project investment capital in the Manor River Union Region has been one of the failures of many projects and the growth of businesses in that region. Companies or individual contractors do not have access to loan from commercial banks in the region or cannot easily get connected with equity investors on the international investment market without the intervention of intermediary in their transaction.

Our tailored fit strategy for project contractors in the region to get financial agencies and other institutional investment organizations engage with the regional projects is the way to ease the high agency fees cost on acquiring investment capital in many projects that are not governmental oriented and could not obtain commercial banks loans in the region.