Time Management

Investing in the Mano River Union Region, a West Africa sub-regional economy would require investors’ time in making marketing research if they wish to launch new products, or if they are interested in investment opportunities that they may want to exploit. Under this condition, our management plays the role of sub-regional agent for our clients and carries on all diligence to protect their interest and portfolio of investment or commercial trading in that region.

Herein are few requirements that are required from our local clients or simply the fund’s seekers in order to avoid the waste of time in processing their funding request  in whatever they may be seeking investment funding:

  1. Make sure to have all necessary legal documents as a legal company or authorized person for the project or investment opportunities you seeking funding for.
  2. Bankable Business plan; this plan should be able to meet the international financial statements reporting standard, with at least five (5) years forecast.
  3. The project should be based in one of the four Mano River Union Countries where we have our investment focus.

For the agriculture and forest management industries, clients should be able to have the legal lands deeds, including but limited to a memorandum of understanding with the local elders and community leaders in the community that agriculture activities will be located. Also should an authorized letter from the agriculture agency or ministry of that country to clearly state what activities are allowed to be carried on that land.

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