Johnsonville & Congo Town communities
Monrovia 1000, Liberia



Our history


LIBSEIB Consultants Group was founded in the city of Gävle in northern Sweden.  It specializes in connecting investment opportunities from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to investors and partner companies on the global market.

 It markets and provides banking and non-banking solutions to banks and fintech institutions in Liberia and the regional Mano river union economies.

We are bigger

LIBSEIB migration into the Liberian economy as a fully registered entity under the business laws of Liberia has given LIBSEIB management the potential to grow and promote all its partner companies’ business activities in that West African state economy. LIBSEIB is now partnering with one of the global leading technology companies to deploy its Fintech and Telecom solutions in the Liberian economy

Join the Payment solutions industry

LIBSEIB has recently registered business activities with the Liberia Business Registry and is partnered with world-recognized innovative companies in the fintech industry to engage the Liberian economy.

We are online!

We are online with all our solutions demos and brochures. You can subscribe for more information.

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