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The protective Ecosystem payment solutionsCheck up the new generation of payment in Africa

The generation of self-protection against scammers and fraud is here. Sign up with us for your e-commerce, microfinance institutions, banks, trading houses, telecommunications, Petroleum pump stations, retail, and wholesales stores, and many more businesses.

Our partner's company will protect you from those online scammers.

Get your electronic identity, get your financial security in your hands.Protect yourself from the online fraud and scams.


Take your own financial protection with you, know when and where your money is being spent at all times. Secure yourself with the new electronic identification system across the African economies.

We bring to you the e-KYC that you can authorize your own payment and your bank is always in your hands. Identify yourself anywhere and anytime without a piece of paper but with the supper online and protected system. Our partner's company provides the best ecosystem payment across borders. 


Secure your business with the Most trusted Cyber Security firm from Sweden.