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International Remittances

Send money anywhere with different apps and Gateways

Our international remittance solutions are one of those robust remittance solutions that allow customers to rollout domestic and international remittance services through a cost-effective and cashless model. These solutions are easily integrated with global remittance providers such as Money-Gram, Western Union, PayPal, RIA, and many other remittance providers. It also allows traceability and transparency with a built-in KYC and anti-money laundering system to meet regulatory requirements

About the Solutions

Our international remittances platform connects to all payment gateways. It helps send funds directly from your account abroad to other accounts in Liberia, not just pick up services.


Send money via Western Union, RIA, and Money Gram. With PayPal, you have access to transfer directly to any bank account with Xoom App or Paypal App just on your smartphone.


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