Mr. James Barh Barlee
President / CEO

Mr. James Barh Barlee is the co-founder of LIBSEIB Consultants Group and owner of 90 % of its share. He has long-time experience in the financial industry managing portfolio and working with investment consultancies in the European economies. He studied International Business Management with main focus in Economics and Finance.

Mr. Barlee a 52-year-old proclaimed Economist developed his analytical skills with different institutions both in Liberia where he served that country Ministry of Finance in the disbursing department and later moved to one of the West African countries of Guinea where he founded and managed a self-owned business the Inter-Africa Business which he later took back to Liberia as a registered business in that country as well. Mr. Barlee owned several other businesses in the Netherlands, namely BarleeInternational and later the LIBSEIB Consultants Group that he moved with into the Swedish economy.

Mrs. Evelyn Pyne Marshall
General Manager

Mrs. Evelyn Pyne Marshall is the general manager of LIBSEIB Consultants Group and a permanent board member on the board of directors. Mrs. Marshall is a silent shareholder of LIBSEIB Consultants Group and responsible for all the administrative works in Liberia and on the African continent in general.

Mrs. Marshall is an administrator, she studied business management and served an administrative position with AME University as a data entry officer for that university. She also served with different other consultancies within the Liberian economy. She brought onboard in LIBSEIB  a very good experience of dealing with local businesses and public offices in Liberia and connecting with the international investment market.

Mr. Joseph D.B. Jubor
Financial Manager

Mr. Joseph D. Blamo Jubor is a professional banker with a long time experience in risk management and credit analysis. Mr. Jubor has worked in different financial institutions in the Liberian economy.

Mr. Jubor served as head of a credit department with one of the Liberian commercial banks, " GlOBAL Bank Liberia Limited and served several other financial analysist positions with financial institutions currently functioning on the global financial market worldwide. 

Mr. Jubor brought with him onboard the LIBSEIB project financer team a good sense of understanding the financial market and the credit risk within the Liberian economy. Mr. Jubor will directly deal with the financial matters of this institution and will be responsible for budgeting all LIBSEIB clients' future projects.

Mr. Moses B. Cox
Operation Manager