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Our vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading investment consultancies in the Liberian and the Mano River Union regional economies.  We opt to connect investment opportunities in the regional economy with the International Investment and project developers communities.

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Our Services

Our consultants provide advice on the following investment areas and industries.

Time Managment

Time management is one of the strategic contributors to business success. We create a well-structured investment environment for our clients’ that has a time management factor.

The better use of your investment time and how to avoid the procrastinators into your investment portfolio in the Mano River Union Countries.

Conferences & Seminars

We can help you with the organizing your conferences and seminars. Our team of experts in organizing conferences and seminars will work with you to meet your desired goals in whatever conference or seminar you wish to organize.  The consultation for this is free of charge.

Business Budget

Investing sometimes has a pitfall when not well planned and thought through. Our experts in business budgeting can work with you to choose the rightful projects to invest in and to have a better outstanding budget in such a project.  Our team will help to forecast your financial statements that will guide you through your project milestones.

Online marketing

Our experts in the marketing department will run full-time campaigns and bulk emailing to your target market to create leads for your Products or Services. We have one of the outstanding digital marketing teams.  We can create a better search engine optimization platform for you on any of the search engines of your choice to rank higher than your competitors

Bankable Business Plan

Our team of experts writes  professional bankable business plans for local projects and domestic entrepreneurs in our target countries. We help to turn individual ideas into bankable and profitable ideas to help attract investor into their projects.  work with our domestic clients to meet international investors requirements and guidelines in obtaining investment funds.


We are working with projects that meet our investor’s requirements. We, therefore, advising all applicants to our management to consider going through all our investment funds obtaining requirements brochures on our site here to know what is required of the lenders

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Investment is one of the leading connectors of economies, state policies, and its governance; therefore, investors are closely working with intermediaries like our consultancy that has expertise in organizing investment platforms in emerging economies; organizing seminars, projects and trade missions to educate the existing and upcoming entrepreneurs in the developing economies who do not have the basic knowledge of acquiring investment funding into their projects

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The PPP and PFI initiative in the African economies and its benefits to the growth of the economies. You also listen to keen financial managers and bankers from major African financial institutions in this video that will guide your future investment ambition for the African economies.

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Time is money

Read on the African economies via this link that will connect you with other African financial editors and strategists. Our management brings to you in connection with permanent African business editor through other African online business magazines the health of the African investment environment

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