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Consulted By Experienced Consultants

The consulting team at LIBSEIB Consultants Group provides unique consulting services in diverse business environments. Our team has expertise in all financial solutions, marketing, and strategic management to help your business grow.

Our Services

Risk Management

How do you avoid risk in a new market, especially in a developing economy? We can guide you with a few of our risk avoidance strategies when entering the Sub-Saharan Africa economies. We will help you deploy your new technologies, products, or services in Sub-Saharan Africa with less risk in your portfolio with the advice of our team of experts.

Why Choose Us?

Introduce your economy to modern banking solutions

People selected our services from our competitors because we deliver the best products and services in modern and digital payment technologies.

Link your business to international business partners

We serve as the gateway to bring businesses and individuals together with the synergy of doing business. We make companies create value for their shareholders that why we are so different from our competitors in our target region.

Help to improve your business strategies.

We help local companies’ management with planning tools to leverage their strengths in their specialized areas of operation. We help to organize seminars, webinars, and workshops for local and startup companies in our target markets.

Make An Appointment

To acquire our services, please feel free to book an appointment with us to speak with one of our consultants who specializes in your area of concern. You can reach us via or visit our team contact details for more contact links

Our Professional Consultants

Mr. James Barh Barlee


Mrs. Evelyn P. Marshall

Administrative Manager

Ms. Princess C. Barlee

Marketing Manager