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Montserrado, Liberia
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We do not provide investments to clients as a direct investment institution, but we facilitate investment through our partners for global projects.

Yes, we assist startups in emerging markets across Africa with potential projects. Any startup seeking investment loans through our services should provide us with a viable business plan and precise financial projections.

To receive assistance with your financial requirements, please contact our customer support team, who will direct you to the appropriate specialist for your request.

Our partner companies invest in diverse industries depending on the project location and economic stability of the region. We consider agriculture projects, real estate projects, and government-backed projects.

Most of our funding partners invest between $10 million and $1 billion. These investors are mostly interested in projects with credit ratings and guarantees. We also facilitate projects in the range of $1 million to $10 million.


Yes, we have a reliable network of investors who specialize in financial instruments for trading companies worldwide. We provide assistance with Standby Letters of Credit and many other types of financial documents.

No, but you will need your business bank to prove your business’s existence to us with all contracts concerning your business deals with your suppliers, including Proforma invoices.

On a normal basis, it takes 7 to 18 weeks to successfully close a loan with our partnered companies once project owners meet our due diligence requirements and credit ratings.

Consultant fees and retainers are typically applied to most startup projects. These fees are essential for the preparation of the requisite documentation to enhance the project’s appeal to potential investors. Additionally, fees are charged in instances where there is significant investor interest that necessitates project appraisals.


The investment rates are determined by the investment banks in collaboration with our investment partners. While we cannot guarantee the specific payment rates, we ensure that they are competitive and aligned with market standards.

Retainers help our professionals to be active on your projects by contacting our different partner companies. Any late payment could result in a delay in delivery services to the project. However, when we start the project and if there is any delay in payment, there will always be an extra cost.

The process of conducting due diligence for a loan, equity investment, or debt financing typically takes 7 to 18 weeks to thoroughly evaluate your company and the prospects of the project. Therefore, we recommend that all our clients exercise patience as the deal conclusion period generally spans from three to six months.

Your company’s potential for a highly profitable business project is contingent upon the presence of a proficient team capable of effectively managing both the administrative and operational aspects of the project. If your company lacks such a team, we strongly advise considering the recruitment of a qualified professional from the global labor market.

In government-backed and private-public partnership projects, the government must guarantee the repayment of project investments upon completion. This may also involve a Build-Own-Transfer arrangement at a later stage.



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