About us

Company History

LIBSEIB Consultants Group was founded in the city of Gävle in northern Sweden in the year 2016, specializing in the connection of investment opportunities from Liberia, Sierre Leone, and Guinea to investors and partner companies in the Swedish economy at the time.
Currently, LIBSEIB has proven to be one of the startups internationalized firm representing innovative companies in the fintech and financial industries worldwide.
Its founder Mr. James Barh Barlee acquired his professional experience from a world-recognized investment consultant group and has a background in international business management with evinces in economics

We Provide Highly Reliable & Effective Consulting Services

With the world striking economies and the demolishing of economic borders, LIBSEIB has become the connecting force between the international fintech and the local entrepreneurs in the African economies

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best services to the needy in the fintech industry in Africa.
To bridge the gap of financial inclusion in the African economies

Our Vision

Our vision is to digitalize the African economies on a single economic platform by introducing modern payment solutions across the African markets.

Economic Inclusion is the word for today’s economic growth

Our professional partner companies with expertise in the development of financial solutions have had years of providing services in fintech solutions across the globe.
We have partnered with instant payment solution companies, otherwise Switch Companies, Mobile & Digital banking solutions companies, and Cybersecurity companies, otherwise known as e-KYC, to help protect the cross borders and international banking transactions and to have the unbanked Africans in the rural communities banked wherever they are located