Africa Growth

Outsourcing the most advanced technology on the African continent from one of the leading Swedish Software companies that internationally recognized in the Bank-ID Security has allowed us to understand the Africa technology market.
We are open to local companies in Africa to join this continental call to improve the ecosystem technology in the continent Banking sector and national identification industry.
Our management will bring you in direct contact with the world number one software developing companies from Sweden.


Real Estate Management

The urbanization in our today's globalized generation has given room to lucrative investment in the real estate and new properties development industries. Eight out of every ten inhabitants in every developing economy are moving from rural communities to urban towns and cities in search of job opportunities, better social connections, and better education for their dependents. The development of affordable housing communities in developing economies has become the central economic inclusion and human empowerment. Our management works with local housing authorities to structure a better strategy to meet the living standard of local communities in our target region. We also manage investors' portfolios in these economies to link them with the proper real estate developers and managers.

Ecosystem payment

The new generation of payment and the protection of cybercrime are working in parallel to deploy into the African economies. Secure payment system and the way of identifying who you claimed to be would help to boost the Africa industrialization process. In the wake of modernization, every country worldwide has been exposed to another country's insecurity, fraud, and cybercrime across the globe. At LIBSEIB, we work with world reputational recognized cybersecurity company and instant payment company that is 100% protected against hackers and scammers. Working with us to deploy our partners' solutions in your economies will help to prevent many cyber crimes and unwanted payment systems in your financial space. Our partner's company provides one of the best instant payment solutions that allow end-users for cross-border transactions, multi-currencies transactions, from bank2bank, bank2customers, and from end-users to end-users both locally and across borders. We provide the best switch payment for the West African economies.

About Us

LIBSEIB Consultants Group is a group of professionals with backgrounds in Economics, Accounting, and International Business management that are working together to promote investment relationships among entrepreneurs, public and private sectors and international investors on the global financial market. Consider going through our company history you will learn our competitive advantage and how we have been contributing to getting investors and tutoring entrepreneurs in our target economies to meet their entrepreneurial dreams.

Investment Consulting

Creating wealth revolves around sound strategies and skillful minds with focused judgments on success. Our management will partner with you as our client in the region in diverse plans to develop and maintain leading-edge investment programs in the West African economies. We opt to provide with our clients a complete package of global investment consulting services that will be tailored to their specific investment goals and plans. We are a trained and professional international and national consulting team with an eye on the winning ball for all our clients.

Waste Management

LIBSEIB Consultants Group a Liberian international Investment brokerage firm based in Sweden along with its local partner in Liberia is launching modernized Waste management and Recycling Program for the Liberian economy in West Africa that will involve the ownership of Liberia own establishment and full implementation of the recycling activities in the Liberian Economy.

Meet our Team

Our management is comprised of well trained and experienced International and National consultants with long term services in the banking and managerial positions both in Africa and Europe. Each member of our team brings with them onboard expertise of needed contribution to keep the company activities running.

Asset Management

We are working with a well-structured designed asset management strategy that is cost-effective for our partners. Our asset managers recommend to our clients the most attractive industries in our target region for their investment portfolios. Moreover, in the African investment market, there are always new industries that are profitable to International investors’ investment portfolios.

For our clients to understand our asset management strategy, we, therefore, positioned our managers in the following asset management categories:

  • Financial asset management: Our financial asset manager manages all investment funds and works with our investment partners in planning and positioning their investment portfolios in the most attractive industries in our target region.
  • Physical and infrastructure asset management: we fully participate in public and private projects that are straightly to benefit local populations in our region. We are, therefore, actively involved with infrastructure asset management, that manages all projects in the construction industry in maintaining, modifying, repairing, and replacing all damages of all projects under our control.

Company History

With long-time of dedication to making local talents in the Mano River Union Countries to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and lobbying for public and private sectors projects by connecting with state investment houses and individuals, Mr. James Barh Barlee decided to create this modern way of bringing people with the same vision and mindsets to helping others achieving their goals together to operate under one umbrella. LIBSEIB Consultants Group as you will go along reading and digesting the good things  it has to deliver in its target market, you come across our creation dates and track records in the financial and managerial industries where we proved to be one of the leading negotiators in our areas of specializations

The African Business News Update

This institution was founded by Mr. James Barh Barlee to provide management consulting services for startups and existing companies on the African continent in the IT and other industries from its main offices in Sweden.
James Barh Barlee
President/CEO and Founder
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